Outdoor Learning across East Sussex

Welcome to Circle of Life Rediscovery

We are a Community Interest Company and have been working since 2004 to reconnect people from all backgrounds and ages to the natural world. 

What we do:
We provide nature based programmes that are educational, fun and often life-changing! These include Forest School Sessions, Woodland Days, School Visits, Camps for Schools as well as Forest School Training, CPD's and Family Days.

Why we do it:
We see time and time again how rediscovering nature is beneficial and therapeutic for all ages. It makes us happier, healthier, increases our self-esteem, resilience and instils a lifelong love of nature. In the outdoors, all our senses are stimulated, we feel alive, inspired, relaxed and fulfilled! We want a future where nature matter's, where we capture what people have to offer, and realise we all are important. 

We have two primary aims:
To move people to a more mature and respectful relationship with the natural world.
To influence a change in cultural, personal and environmental values.

Our Mix:
Nature connection (nature)
Personal development (self)
Cultural education (other)

Our camps, trainings and activities are run in and around the South Downs National Park.

 our camps and courses take place in and around the South Downs National Park

CPD's & Outdoor Learning
Camps for Schools
Forest School Training
Forest School Training

What People Say

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"“It is easy for us to get caught up in the day to day issues that plague our own lives, our families, communities and nations, and loose sight of a broader vision to create a better world. To think that one person cannot make a profound change in the world is to not understand the cause of human development – for it is the only thing that ever has, ” ....it is our differences that keep us together – “in the final analysis it will be our uncommonality more than our common ground that will provide the fertile soil for us to sow seeds of respect and understanding – the very soul of Rediscovery."
Thom Henley (Founder, Rediscovery Foundation)