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Lindsay Cooke, known as Grace, is a teacher, traveller, counsellor and grandmother. She is currently working with youngsters who are not in school (Cambridgeshire County Council) and people who have lost their way or want to explore new pathways in their lives (Bridgegate Drug Agency and private counselling practice). In addition she has just started an Elders Council in Norfolk and arranges ceremonies, including rites of passage. She is also a Storyteller.

For the last twenty years Grace has spent much time as a traveller – frequently setting off alone into the unknown, being guided only by the signposts that appear. This includes a wilderness quest in Canada . These spiritual, as well as actual journeys underpin all her work. The more formal qualifications come from Nottingham University and South West London College . Studying the ancient ways comes from a multitude of sources with many teachers; the trees, the stones, the ocean, as well as human beings.

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Circle of Life Revisited Image

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