Camps for Schools

At Circle of Life Rediscovery, we offer bespoke Camps, Outdoor Learning, Activity Days and Forest School from Key Stage 2 - 4 for schools and colleges.

All camps are unique and offer a rich learning experience, a range of activities to challenge, inspire and have lots of fun!

The camps have a strong environmental basis and include nature awareness games, survival and woodcraft skills, music, team-building activities, art, story-telling and night walks. Above all we have fun and get creative.

All our camps are Sussex-based in among the trees. We provide catering and equipment for all activities. View our recent photo gallery of our Lewes New School Camp for inspiration!

Our camps and longer outdoor programmes also offer the John Muir Award, A National Conservation Award at Discovery Level.

Early booking is essential.

Please call 01273 814226 to discuss cost per participant and group size.

Activites may include: 

Firemaking: Match challenge, using fire steels, to using ancient methods.
Blindfolded exercises:  Deer stalk, drum stalk and awareness trail.
Creative activities: Woodland bling, clay, earth ovens, natural paint.
Tool Use: Whistles, pencils, spatulas, mallets, butter knives, carving, wood animals.
Camoflage & stalking: Using natural camouflage materials and games.
Cooking and foraging: Cooking on the fire.  Wild medicine and crafting
Teambuilding: using ropes; making chariots, tasks, catapults, water/shelter challenge.
Mapping exercises: Map making and navigation, finding key hidden objects, directions.
Tracking & casts: Tracking activities, exploring and signs, making animal casts.
Ropes and knots: Rope challenges, knots for frames/chariots 
Bird Knowledge: Bird language and  pellets
Large team games: Using 60 to 100 YP. 
Possible: Climbing wall; Falconry; fishing; Tree Climbing; Tree planting 

Tiffins School Camp, June 2016

Primary School Camp: 

Secondary aged pupils experiences:

Circle of Life Revisited Image Campfire cooking
Circle of Life Revisited Image Camouflage fun
"It's really helped me awaken my senses."
"I've learnt that the biggest beauty is the outside world."
"You see a new you, you see the world differently."
2016 School Camp Participants.

"I didn't think that I liked camping but I have underestimated myself. The camp was amazing, I have not only learnt new skills but I have learnt to be grateful about everything around me. I have a new sense of confidence and believe in myself"
Camp Participant, June 2015.
"I slept alone in a shelter that I had made, I never thought I would be able to do that. I feel more confident and have overcome my fears."
Camp Participant, June 2015.

"My son is completely different since camp, he has more thinking space inside his head, he is calmer, he has changed."
Parent, March 2015.

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