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Our vision is to transform education, health and family through nature immersion.  We value other perspectives and teachings from around the world that can contribute to building healthy relationships with nature, others and our inner worlds.

In 2018 we are working alongside different international and local organisations to bring teachers to our land to learn and share together to inform our practices and relationships.


grandmotherWe are looking forward to sharing with you an opportunity to meet and attend day workshops with Grandmother Tonalmitl, a Mexican Elder around a number of 'woman themes' in June 2018. Book online here and see details below.

The Moon Dance Ceremony will be held for the first time in Austria.

The danza de la luna moondance is a profound four night ritual of prayer song and dance for women over the full moon. Originating from Mexico it brings ripples of memories of women's night time ceremonies from all cultures forgotton or in the process of remembering. This dance speaks to and awakens the deeply intuitive consciousness of women, reconnecting them with their ability to work with their bodies for profound transformations.

Date & Location:
18th June, Mill Woods, near Laughton, East Sussex.


1pm - 5pm:
A singing, talking and teaching circle with Abuela Tonalmitl. A chance to  work with the women's teachings and understand the design and alchemy of the Moondance and how and why we work with the movements and offering to the four directions. This will include a talking circle, singing together and a beautiful introduction to the nature of working with the moon in this way.

5.30 - 8.30pm:
Temazcal sweatlodge open to all with men and women of the community. The sweatlodge is for purification and a beautiful place to celebrate in spirit. The moondance is profound work for women but it is supported by men, and it is beautiful to feel this harmony and relationship of service and support to each other. This sweat will therefore be offered to both so we can celebrate together. Children are also invited.

Payments/donations - we operate a sliding scale for this day.
All day: £75.00 - £100 (1pm - 9pm), please bring food to share.

Women's teachings only: £55 - £75.
Community Sweatlodge donation:  £35 - £55.

How to book:
Please book your place online here.

Click here for full details and to read more.


Circle of Life Rediscovery is working as an affiliate of Helpers Mentoring Society to support this work in the UK.  They are offering a number of trainings in the Uk from April 2018 onwards.

Please see the Helpers Mentoring Society website to find out about 2018 Trainings. 

Read about Helpers Mentoring Society past courses here.

Salvatore Gencarelle (Helper Mentoring Society and 8 Shields Institute), talks about the Woptura Lineage under which he was mentored including reference to Gilbert Walking Bull.   This talk refers to the qualities of leadership, connected relationship, seven sacred attributes and songs.

To find out more about Sal Gencarelle please see: and



Circle of Life Revisited Image Sal Gencarelle
Circle of Life Revisited Image Sal Gencarelle

"The Fire Quest was a strong process for the whole family. The experience gave us all an opportunity to acknowledge, honour and deeply realise the transition into competence and independence that he is making. Thank you Sal for bringing this work and for holding it with such heart and integrity.
Mother of Fire Quest participant 2016

Previous participants:

"This work is like fuel for the soul and has given me more strength and resilience at work, more peace in my life as a whole and a deep respect for these ancient teachings and the Lakota lineage they have been passed down through."
"My perception and connections with nature, the world around me, with other participants and with myself have altered in such deep and healing ways. Difficult to put into words but definitely a life changing experience!"

"The Life Within training has been one of the most powerful classes I have had the fortune to be involved in" 
"Sal is a powerful, patient, humble teacher. He has authenticity having lived on the reservation for many years, he is a bridge between the most intricate ways of Lakota Sioux and the western mind." 
"My connection with nature from this work and Sal's teaching has deepened in ways I never imagined- a true gift and a daily sense of joy."

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