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Marina Robb looks at how we can help our children reconnect with the earth

It is about time we valued the natural world beyond the resources it provides, to understand that by keeping in touch with the Earth and the ground we walk, we enable a living relationship with our surroundings that nourishes us physically, mentally and spiritually - to remember this connection. As a nation, we spend less and less time outdoors, take less ‘risks’ with our youngsters, and no longer encourage them to roam freely across the countryside – we are overly domesticated and are in danger of forgetting our wild hearts.

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TEENAGE KICKS (Green Parent Magazine)

It’s tough being a teenager – but building heart-felt relationships in the wilderness may help young people navigate a safer and more positive way through their adolescence says Marina Robb.

Growing up has never been easy, but our current world wide web generation is having a really a hard time. Technology may offer opportunities but it presents tough challenges as well – from the commercialisation of childhood, to the darker side of internet and mobile phone use. The introduction of mandatory personal, social and health education within secondary schools goes some way to addressing young people’s emotional and social experiences but it is the emotional literacy of the teachers on which so much of this work depends! Who should take responsibility for the well being of our children?

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Common Cause

This guide offers recommendations for the conservation sector and others on how to ensure their work strengthens the values that motivate people to protect and enjoy nature. Part of a longer report produced in collaboration with 13 UK conservation organisations, it is based on original analysis of these groups’ communications, workshop discussions,survey responses and in-depth interviews.

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Join us in May at the Elderflower Fields Festival. A weekend of camping, games, music, activities and fun in the Sussex countryside. As a partner we are pleased to offer a 10% discount.

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BBC Surrey Interview 10th April 2015

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