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Salvatore Gencarelle

Salvatore has 30 years of mentoring and delivery of nature-based therapies and wellness practices. He has expert knowledge and experience in both ancient indigenous and modern therapies. His focus is on techniques which increase well-being for individuals, families, and communities. He has created a codified therapeutic method drawn from experiences and knowledge. Salvatore has designed and taught over sixteen courses based on this methodology and has presented these courses and seminars in 12 countries, to over 27 different cultures.

Salvatore Gencarelle is the founder and current director of Helpers Mentoring Society, an international organization dedicated to supporting the revitalization of humanity’s relationship with hope and purpose so that all life thrives.

Salvatore has mentored, coached, and educated every demographic of life from high-level CEOs, Organization Founders, and Directors, parents, teachers, healers, recovering addicts, felons and homeless people. He is a sought international speaker and has presented in 12 countries and to 10s of thousands of people. Created multiple business/organizations including Social Enterprises, Non-profit Organizations, Profitable Corporations, Education Organization, Online Merchandise Store, Multi-Media Productions

Author, and Interviews:
Author of well-received book published in 2012: 'A Man Among the Helpers' and his new book 'Thriving in Uncertain Times', published in 2019. He has been a featured writer for a number of publications and he produces a blog series. Salvatore has given many interviews given on podcasts and is a featured presenter in a number of promotional videos.

Other experience: • Almost 2 decades Emergency Medicine Provider, Education and Management • Incident Command System trainer • Elementary and High School Teacher, Tutor, Mentor • Versed in nature survival and wilderness skills • Artist • Certified Physical Trainer • Boxing team captain • Assistant swim coach

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