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Salvatore Gencarelle

Salvatore Gencarelle is cultural bridge between indigenous culture and the modern world.

Sal went through an intensive mentoring period with a Native American healer that required both dedication and sacrifice for 17 years as a ceremonial guide, creator, singer, and mentor, under the direct supervision. It was through this process he earned the responsibility to pass these teachings on. Salvatore is also an artist, photographer, freelance writer, a musician, and a former Paramedic. He is a healer working with both Native American traditions and those of the modern world.

Salvatore currently travels across the country and world teaching and helping others learn from his experience. Through his organization, Helpers Mentoring Society, he provides various mentoring services facilitating people to find true healing and how to live in the fullness of life.

Salvatore is the author of A Man Among the Helpers (ISBN 978‐1‐60264‐939‐2) and e‐book (ISBN 978‐1‐60264‐940‐8) which describes his experiences and wisdom gained while being mentored in indigenous healing.

Salvatore is currently teaching a number of courses in the U.K. and around the world. Life Stage Honouring is a new adult training in the U.K. which will provide teachings and experience of connective processes (ceremony) to facilitate healthy transitions and the development of deeper connections.

We are going to teach and experience proven processes which have been used for thousands of years to develop community members into fully connected individuals, operating at their highest capacity for the benefit of the world. The process for this are the ancient Rites of Passage. By creating defined transition points in a person’s life and creating a cultural ceremony people develop into vibrant humans, held by community and protected by the nature.

During the Life Stage Honouring Course we are going to explore these concepts and experience certain aspects of the various Rites of Passage. We are going to explore the concept of culture and how to develop connection to self, others, and place. And we are going to come together and celebrate the gift of life!

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