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Why do Forest School First Aid training?

Historically the Forest School First Aid course was an adaptation of an outdoor first aid course. The emphasis was on the outdoor element and looked at the issues involved when forest school practitioners are further away from help than they would be in an urban setting (ie looking at evacuation, keeping casualties warm, equipment, emergency action plans etc). This worked well for a number of years until there was a requirement in the early years setting for candidates to have a
Paediatric first aid certificate in the workplace.

The question that was then asked was, could we cater for this need within the first aid course that we were delivering? We responded to this demand and delivered, for a while, what we called an Outdoor Paediatric First Aid course.

This was OK but had a few issues:

1) We had to spend more time on covering babies and infants and less time on the outdoor element.
2) The regulatory body weren't happy as a true Paediatric course cannot have any adult content and they didn't like the fact that we had put Paediatric in the title.
3) It was a watered down compromise of both courses.

To try and resolve these problems Andy from Silver Fox Training (our trainer) met with the forest school providers that he had contracts with and asked them what they actually wanted from the first aid course. A decision was made to include adults, as they are the ones who seemed to have the more serious accidents, as well as looking at child-related problems.

Practitioners were less likely to be working with infants and babies on a forest school programme. The outcome is that the course we now deliver is aimed at first aid in the outdoors for 1 year olds and upwards. Once this decision was made we then went back to the original problem with candidates as it wasn't necessarily transferable to the work place as they were needing a specific Paediatric first aid certificate.

Where are we now?

Candidates may have to do an additional Paediatric course to cover these work place requirements. This is what most people do. (Some even have to do a First aid at Work course as well, as the school has a need for this cover.). The course we deliver is very relevant to the forest school setting and we are very happy with it!

We think as Forest school providers, we are making a decision, as an employer would do, having done an assessment of the first aid needs that candidates need to do a specific outdoor first aid course (preferably with a forest school context) whilst they are going through the forest school training. Once signed off as a forest school practitioner and in three years time when their first aid certificate runs out then the candidate/school/organisation can make their own decision.

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