Forest School

What is Forest School?

Forest School roots reach back to Scandinavia where children take part, all year round, in nature clubs to learn and play in natural environments. Our Forest School is all about kids and what they want to achieve. Some may decide to learn how to craft, track birds or make fires, others might prefer to run in the woods, jump in puddles or climb trees. Whichever one they choose the important thing is to be outside, have fun and connect with nature.

Forest School is a long-term process of regular sessions, rather than a one-off or infrequent visits. See our Woodland Days for one off or shorter programmes.

Why Forest schools?

Because being outdoor helps your child development in many ways:

Health and Fitness:  

  • It reduces considerably the risk of becoming overweight. A child that enjoys physical activities is less likely to become obese later in its life.  
  • Being outdoor improves distance vision and lowers the chance of near sightedness  
  • Nature appears to improve symptoms of ADHD in children by 30%.

Language and concentration:

  • It improves academic performance; schools with environmental education programs score higher on standardized tests.
  • Daily exposure to natural settings increases children’s ability to focus.


  • Nature makes you nicer, enhance social interactions and help building your confidence.
  • Children’s stress levels fall within minutes of seeing green spaces

Kids and teenagers give a true and sincere testimony of how they feel about nature after one of our many courses.


 What do kids do?

  • Making crafts from natural resources. 
  • Learn how to make fire safely.  
  • Developed their confidence, imagination and physical ability through unstructured nature awareness games.  
  • Looking for flora and fauna in their natural environment.
  • Forage, cook and eat as a group.
  • Making dens and tracking animals.  
  • Secrets of ropes and knots.  
  • Jumping in puddles and climbing trees.  
  • Having Fun Outdoor!
  • And much more...

What next?

Forest School being a long term process we found that the best way to do it is to work directly with local schools.

If you are a parent and want your child to be involved in Forest School, introduce the idea to their school!

If you are a school looking to start Forest School, all you need to provide is the Forest School ethos, available members of staff to work alongside the Forest School Leader, medical information on any particular condition's, and some enthusiastic children!

Circle of Life Revisited Image Outdoor art exploration
Circle of Life Revisited Image Exploring the forest
"When I come back I feel like the wood is where I belong." Olivia 2014
"At Forest School I feel free because of all the space around me." Charlotte 2014
"I learnt how to hide in the most unexpected places." Kim 2014
"He was very enthusiastic about making things out of wood, fire building and cooking on the fire. A fantastic experience and a great alternative learning environment." Parent 2014
"I think it has given her more confidence. You notice it when we’re going for a walk, she asks lots of questions and she seems really interested in everything." Parent 2014
"The highlight for my child was making fire and she is now very keen to go camping. She is very aware of plants and flowers and wildlife and I definitely feel that Forest School has widened her knowledge and vocabulary." Parent 2014
"After hot chocolate and a story, we made discs from a piece of sycamore tree which involved the children using a bow saw. They then cut a hole in their disc with a palm drill, and made beads from elder branches. They decorated their disc by drawing on animal prints, put it all onto a piece of string and made themselves a necklace! The children thoroughly enjoyed making the discs and getting to use the tools for the first time." Teacher 2014
"The children had the chance to explore and really think about how we can spot animals without actually seeing them. The children were very proud of everything they found and it helped engage their interest in wildlife." Teacher 2014
"The children loved making the trails and were really excited to search for places where you may find their animal." Teacher 2014
"We learnt a really clever way of introducing match lighting that incorporated aspects of fire safety." Teacher 2012
"The water pistol game was brilliant, they all begged to play it again next week!" Teacher 2014
"One child in particular who is not usually very confident to speak up in class became very chatty and full of enthusiasm to answer questions and share his knowledge of the outdoors when he was at Forest School.” Teacher 2014

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