Healing for Life – Sacred Pipe

The purpose of this 6 day course is to assist people to develop a relationship with the Sacred Pipe (The Chanupa). The Sacred Pipe is one of the 4 Universal gifts to humanity. The gift of the Sacred Pipe is to help people come into a healthy relationship with themselves, the natural world and other people. The Sacred Pipe is a tool of connection that has originations in antiquity. The concept of a Sacred Pipe can be found as a trans-cultural concept throughout the world.

This training will focus on the following both the trans-cultural aspect of the Sacred Pipe and the specific application as taught from Native America. The students of the Healing for Life course will learn from the Lineage of a powerful healing family which comes from the people of the North American Great plains.

Included in the 6 days course is the following:

• Trans-Cultural concepts of the Sacred Pipe

• Construction (Making a Pipe)
A Detailed history
Types of bowls
Types of stems
Making the bowl
Making the stem
Pipe bags
Mixture pouches
Other Plants Connected with the Sacred Pipe

• Creating the Ceremonial Container
Connection Communication
Preparing Sacred Space
Making of Ceremonial Offerings
Sacred Songs

• Loading the Sacred Pipe
Ancestral Alignment
Loading Procedure
Praying, Presenting, Placing

• Advanced Connection Techniques
Communication Techniques (1st Words)
Speaking in the Order of Creation
Sacred Songs Options

• Wrapping the Bundle  
Disconnection of bowl and stem

• Sacred Pipe Community Gathering
Facilitating Advanced Connection Practices
Cultural Variations
Lineage Alignment
Men and Women of Culture

At each gathering we will be holding purification rites (Inipi). 


Part 1: November 9th, 10th 2015 (2 full days)
Part 2: February 10th, 11th 2016 (2 full days)
Part 3: May 18th, 19th 2016 (2 full days)

(The days will run from 10 am until 8 - 10pm).

Cost: £620.00 (£206/per two days)

Part one: Waldron, East Sussex
Part two and three: East Sussex venue to be decided

People do not pay to be part of a Sacred Pipe Ceremony or Inipi. All monies are based upon a person's willingness to support what they love and care about.

Any charges are for the teaching element, the sharing of knowledge acquired through years of personal sacrifice and a commitment to this walk of life.  

In learning some of these traditions and understanding we hope to be part of and help reignite this way of thinking and being that rights the wrongs, and is committed to the health of future generations of all beings. 

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Circle of Life Revisited Image
Circle of Life Revisited Image

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