Lynne Charmer


Lynne Charmer has worked with young people for 24 years in a variety of settings including social and residential care, group work, one to one, outreach and detached, generic and targeted youth services. She has also worked extensively with children and families and is a qualified therapist / counsellor lending a deep understanding of behavioural psychology.

Lynne supports Circle of Life Rediscovery with some of the wilderness camps and also on Youth Training Days, bringing 4 years' experience as a facilitator / trainer.

'Working with Circle of Life Rediscovery has enlightened me to a whole new way of reaching and working with young people, and also being part of a team of inter-generational people, to promote and invoke positive and fundamental learning and change. The camps and training days are powerful in their natural setting, which nurtures the transformations which take place.'
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