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Nick Clements lives in rural Wales, he is the father of two children, Tom and Anna. He is a mentor, catalyst and author, using creativity, ritual and ceremony to bring about personal change. With a B.A. (Hons) in film making and performance, he has worked for over 30 years with disenfranchised communities and individuals. He has run workshops and facilitated ceremonies throughout Britain, Europe, America and India.

Nick has specialised in working with teenagers and children from areas of high social need, working directly with schools, YOT schemes, prisons and other institutions. In addition he has worked specifically with boys and men, creating workshops, training programmes and events dealing with issues of coming of age, rites of passage, fatherhood and grand-fatherhood. He also co-ordinates ritual and ceremonies for men in Britain.

"I love living and working in the countryside, I believe we all have an innate appreciation and connection to nature, and by experiencing the wilderness at first hand we can all connect with this. Through using the wisdom of indigenous rituals and ceremonies - like sweat lodges, vision quests, building benders, rites of passage, etc. - we can enhance these connections, and also develop a more meaningful relationship to ourselves."

Annie is deeply committed to working with young people in a way that reconnects them with the land and instils in them a sense of belonging; that kindles their imaginations and sense of hope; and inspires them to look beyond the life they know in a creative way. 

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