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CLR offers tailor-made nature-based therapeutic experiences for children, young people and adults from all walks of life. We can work with young people and families who are experiencing challenges or emotional distress at school or home and are struggling to cope with day to day life.

Our Services:

We offer both individual and group bespoke Nature based interventions.

Group Nature-based therapeutic interventions

What do we offer?

We offer bespoke Nature- based therapeutic interventions for groups of people experiencing similar needs. These ‘green-care’ group packages are tailor made for particular client groups.

Who comes on our group programmes?

• Young people experiencing challenges at school or at home

• Families who are vulnerable, stigmatised and isolated

• People with early stage dementia

• People approaching End of Life

• People experiencing depression and anxiety

How do our Programmes work?

Our mission is to improve people’s health and well-being through connection with the natural world. Research indicates effective nature- based interventions “involve a deeper interaction with nature than some of the other forms of green care, allowing service users to engage with and shape nature” (p11, Bragg & Aitkens, 2016).

We have a model of change which informs all of our bespoke nature intervention packages. Consistent with the 2016 Natural England Report's (Bragg & Aitkens) literature review, our therapeutic model combines the following components to bring about benefits to mental health: i) the natural environment, ii) meaningful activities and iii) the social context.

Our bespoke tailor made Nature based therapeutic packages comprise:  

  • an immersive experience in nature 
  • a meaningful and purposeful activity 
  • within a social group context.

The objective being to maintain health, wellbeing and support prevention and recovery through the medium of nature via nature based activities within a social group context.

Activities may include:

• Conservation activities that are meaningful and have a purpose.
• Walking, mindfulness and relaxation techniques in nature, yoga
• Fire-making, cooking, foraging, seasonal art and craft, bushcraft
• Sensory-based activities, back to the body & senses
• Opportunities to talk, share, learn strategies to manage stress & anxiety, change negative patterns of thinking and behaviour, effectively learn to manage conflict and difficulties.

Individual Nature-based therapeutic interventions

Our 1:1 therapy service currently works with anyone from age 18+ who is experiencing emotional and psychological difficulties which prevent the individual from living a normal, happy life including:

Mental Health difficulties:

• Depression
• Anxiety, generalised anxiety and panic
• Self limiting thinking styles
• Interpersonal difficulties
• Low self confidence
• Low self-esteem
• Procrastination
• Perfectionism
• Bereavement, Loss and sadness


In collaboration with the client we will draw up a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan to ensure Nature based therapy would be helpful for the client.

Type of therapy offered:

Talking therapies offered include integrative therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, person- centred therapy and psychodynamic therapies.


Our individual therapy is offered in a variety of natural spaces. Choice of location is made to best suit needs of client.

Please contact us directly to recieve our 'Green Tonic Package' and report.


"Being together in such a huge space is empowering, being with other young people that understand each other is crucial." 2018 participant.

"The woods is a safe space to re-connect, it is healing and welcoming, I feel like I am not judged and I have learnt about the kind of person I want to be, without pressure and stress." 2018 participant.

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