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Welcome to our Summer Camps.

Since 2005, we have been running our inspirational camps at Powdermill Woods, a 100 acre private Sussex woodland near Battle, East Sussex.  All our camps are unique and offer a rich learning experience, a range of activities to challenge, inspire and have lots of fun!

The camps have a strong environmental basis and include nature awareness games, survival and woodcraft skills, music, team-building activities, art, story-telling and night games. Above all we have fun and get creative. Please contact us for details about our next camp.

Our camps are run by our Director, Marina Robb and our dedicated staff who are all outdoor specialists with many years' experience including Anna RichardsonMark LloydFeathers, and Greg Sommer, as well as help from our amazing team of volunteers and camp cook!

We offer two camps, one for 11-13 year olds and one for 14-17 year olds.

Life Enhancing

Many young people have never spent quality time outdoors camping or time away from home. The camps are both creative and not often available for young people. They are led by a professional and competent team of passionate people and aim to increase feelings of self-worth and self-love and foster a sense of belonging. We will draw on range of activities which may include experiential and indigenous-based games, Native American teachings and ceremony, visualisations, dance, story-telling, working with dreams, conflict resolution, time alone with nature and working cooperatively. As teenagers are rarely encouraged to enter groups and have a voice, this is an opportunity to rediscover a healthier way of being with ourselves, others and nature.

“Staying away for a few days or more is a powerful way of developing key life skills, building confidence, self-esteem, communication and team working” (Dfes Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto 2006)

All our camps offer the prestigious John Muir Award - a national environmental award that encourages people of all backgrounds to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places through a structured yet adaptable scheme.

A sense of place

Circle of Life Rediscovery focuses on young people and recognises how important it is for our emotional and physical health to experience the natural world. Spending time on the land offers a direct sense of heritage and the celtic roundhouse is ideal for stories that teach from different cultures. Circle of Life Rediscovery philosophy and games all aim to create bridges of understanding between cultures but at the same time celebrate individuality.

"The John Muir award was a hugely enjoyable experience, and easily one of the best trip that I have been on. The measurable items of equipment provided (such as large tepees to sleep in!), plenty of meals, snacks, the private land that it was arranged to camp on, the rabbits that were shot and we skinned, the equipment to cook, the time and effort taken to get the site prepared, the ratio of leaders to students on the trip (roughly 1:4) was fantastic. However there is also that which cannot be measured. The experience of the leaders in the natural world; what plants we could forage, the methods and skills that were able to be passed on, the areas that were used for foraging in order to minimise the effect on the land as well as the amount of fun we had in the various games which we not only played but learnt experiences and skills from. What is more amazing is the wisdom and stories that were passed on to us about the natural world and country life, especially that of the indigenous American peoples. Overall I would highly recommend this programme to anyone, as it is enjoyable, fun, creative and informative. I am now looking forward to going on to the next stage of the award and programme!" Andrew, 2014 participant.


For more information please email:
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"It's made me be more aware of nature, and build up my confidence towards nature. It made me think more about conserving the plants and the environment." Andrea
"I understand nature a lot more now, why it needs to be taken care of, not just disregarded and disrespected. Previously I'd had no idea that you could make medicine and get food from all sort of things, and get firewood and make shelters." Jeremy
"I've learnt to listen a lot more, not to just use my sight and just to generally use my other senses as well. I fell like I've become more aware of my surroundings and be more visual...I've got more respect for the environment" Holly
"I really enjoyed fire-making and carving the butter knives and the mallets...The tastiest thing I ate were the sting nettle pakoras!.... I pay a lot more attention to everything, it's been really interesting." Camp Participant

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