Residential Forest Camps

camps_galleryAll of our camps mix a rich learning experience with fun and laughter. We offer bespoke camps and also rely on funding to provide residentials for young people from all walks of life – creating a mini-village in the woods.

All camps are unique and offer a range of activities from which participants learn skills and develop themselves.


The camps have a strong environmental basis and include nature awareness games, music, self-esteem activities, art, story-telling, night walks and basic wilderness skills. Above all we have fun and get creative.

We offer commissioned camps for schools, colleges and youth-based organisations. 

We run camps throughout the year. We have been commissioned and funded to run camps for mixed gender and girls/boys only camps, of all ages and provide experiences for groups in transition stage of their lives. 


The Thundering Years 

The teenage years are a significant period of emotional and physical change that needs recognition and support. It is a passage of time, ‘a rite of passage’, that is often about power, management of one’s own personal power and finding its limitations. Every adolescent needs to rediscover his or her personal power and how to use it wisely.


These camps offer experiential activities in a natural setting, an effective teaching style for teenagers, as teenagers are not always ‘verbal’ people. We provide opportunities to change our inner image of ourselves and our relationship with the world around us. In tribal societies youth were often taken away from their homes to a separate place of transformation for example, boys were taken to the forest, girls to the menstrual hut.

Whilst these camps are not a rite of passage but a step towards experiencing something different and relevant, a change in setting, such as a camp, helps to bring about some important changes.

Recent surveys have revealed a sharp decline in teenage mental health and problems such as anxiety and depression have increased by 70% among adolescents. These reports indicate that we are not listening to our youth and that we need to provide them with alternatives.

We continue to collaborate and partner with organisations and charities who work with young people so that together we can create bespoke programmes and combine our expertise to achieve great outdoor experiences.

Silkie Girls Gamp

Circle of Life Rediscovery have secured funding from whereever possible to run camps for all backgrounds, beliefs and genders. 

Our camps for young women are unique.  They recognise the journey a young woman makes into adulthood, their wild and natural selves, and the need we all have to respect ourselves, and follow our intuition and discernment. 

"You don’t need makeup here, you can be yourself.”

 “You don’t need T.V if you have a fire.”

"We used the woods but we paid back by planting some oak trees."

"I’m feeling really privileged to be a participant in the Circle of Life camping ... it really helped me overcome different kinds of challenges."
"I see things in a different way now after being here, this is the first time I have ever been camping and it has really opened my eyes and I really enjoy being outside."
"Being here has really encouraged me to feel like I can chip in and have the courage to help out and talk to people."
"I will go out now and try things and really just believe in myself."

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