Curriculum-linked Outdoor Learning for Schools

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Our outdoor learning days take place either in our beautiful 10-acre woodland site, on your school site or in a local park or green space. The day offers pupils the opportunity to gain first-hand, practical experience of the natural world, which research shows helps ‘bring to life’ and embed learning. 



“Real-world learning brings the benefits of formal and informal education together and reinforces what good educationalists have always known: that the most meaningful learning occurs through acquiring knowledge and skills through real-life, practical or hands-on activities.”
Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

school visits

Outdoor learning days can be tailored to suit your requirements and curriculum needs. Previous days have included woodland crafts, plant identification and foraging wild foods, den building, knots and rope games. You can pick an ‘off the shelf’ day such as Survival Skills or Habitats or we can design a day to suit the topic you are currently studying.

This could include activities such as: 


Activity and Examples of Curriculum links


Science – materials, changes of state, friction
Maths – measuring and sorting sticks positioning
History – changes, links to early settlers, traditional fire making


PE – movement, co-ordination, agility, work as a team
English – communication, use of instructions

Swings/Rope bridges

D+T – build and improve structures
Science – materials
PE - outdoor and adventurous activities


D+T – build and improve structures
Science – materials, habitats
English - speaking and listening, describing
Art and Design – use a range of materials

Minibeast hunts

Science – classification, habitats, food chains
Maths – counting, estimation, measurements
Geography – fieldwork, measure, record

Animal tracking

Science – classification, adaptation, habitats
PE – coordination, balance, agility
Geography – field work, observation

Wild cooking

D+T – understand where food comes from, seasonality, prepare and cook
Science –identification,growing plants, life cycles, properties
History – changes, early settlers, stone age

Use of Tools

History – Stone age,early settlers
D+T – use a range of tools and materials
Art and Design –use a range of materials, learn about different craftsmen
Science – properties, materials

Longer Programmes

school visits

We also offer ongoing Forest School sessions and Enrichment Days which can take place in each season across the year, and allow pupils to compare and contrast the woodland environment (or your school site) all year round, and really observe the seasonal change and variation. Our longer outdoor programmes and residential camps can also offer the John Muir Award, A National Conservation Award at Discovery Level. This enables students to connect with, enjoy and care for a wild place through 4 challenges: Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share.

*Please note – the Award can be offered as a series of day visits either on your school site, or our woodland site, or as part of a camp. This is suitable for upper KS 2 onwards.

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

There is a huge body of evidence supporting the benefits of outdoor learning, not just from a curriculum point of view, but added values such as:

  • Achievement and Social Mobility
  • Personal Development and Character
  • Health and Well-being
  • Environmental and Cultural Engagement
  • Risk, challenge & adventure
  • School improvement

How to Book?
Please contact us for more information by completing our school enquiry form. Once we have received your form we will contact you to confirm a date and to discuss your specific requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

Did you know you can use your PE and Sport Premium funding for outdoor learning opportunities that increase physical activity and embed physical activity in learning? This could include regular Forest School or outdoor learning days, staff training and CPD, or Forest School Leadership training.

school visits

For more information please contact:
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"Thank you for a great day today. The students really had a brilliant time and had a day to remember. I wish there was time in the curriculum to spend more days like today. It was another fantastic day of fun and learning at a beautiful site hosted by highly professional facilitators."
Steve Green - Kings Academy, Ringmer, 2019.

"I loved all the activities but especially making my own fire and then cooking, which is something I've never done before! It was great to try something new and I feel more confident to try new things."
Primary school pupil, September 2019.

Children who struggle to communicate become eager to speak and full of things to say, they have started to notice their world around them and make links to their experiences they have not been able to do before. I have seen timid children become brave and full of things to say. We have seen amazing results in writing and creativity. We have all loved it!”
Sharon Cliff, Head of Early Years - Ringmer Primary School, 2018.

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