Grandmother Tonalmitl for teachings on the Moondance

grandmaAbuelita Guadalupe Tonalmitl is the holder of the first word of the Anahuac Ancestral Wisdom Council and the first word of the Danza de la Luna Xochimeztli Moon Dance Circle, Mexico where over 800 woman come together in ceremony and dance through the night for four nights with the full moon. She is a Mexica dancer, an activist and much respected guardian of the Ancestral Traditions of the Mexicayotl in Mexico. She is always teaching, always dancing and she has completely dedicated herself to both the moondance and the study of Ancient Codices and the mathematics of the Mexica lineage to bring awareness to how we can repair and deepen our connection to the Earth and ourselves.

Grandmother Guadalupe Tonalmitl birthed the mother Moondance circle XochiMeztli “Flowering Moon” 25 years ago, in 1992 in Mexico with Grandmother Isabel Vega, who is now passed. The danza was resurrected from studying the Codice Borgia which shows an image of a circular ritual with 12 women each with a different ceremonial dress coming together from different origins with the full moon, as the 13th woman or grandmother, to pray in a purification ritual, bringing purification to the Earth. Along with the oral tradition, the codices are the records of the rituals and philosophies and legacies of the Mexica before the Spanish dominated and stopped many of the ceremonies. So because of Grandmother Tonalmitl and a group of dancers who followed their dreams, visions and studies of the Codice Borgia the moon dance was born again, returned to women as a way to authentically work powerfully with their bodies, abilities as a human being and woman, and in harmony with nature.

Following the ancient prophesies, Grandmother Tonalmitl said that is time to bring the knowledge of the Moon Dance to other countries, and so it’s an honour to have her visit England to share a little of the history, teachings of this dance and it’s significance for women, and their families and communities.

Grandmother Tonalmitl, will visit us from 15th June with Brenda the palabra de cantos, first word of the songs, and Oso one of the main fire eagles responsible for the fire for the temazcals in the dance.

The Moondance

The MOON DANCE is a strong dance prayer and purification ritual for women over four nights under the light of the full moon. It is an amazing prayer, where woman dance and sing and fast for four days and nights and also work in the sweatlodges at sunset and sunrise. It is supported by the men who look after the fires, and the children but are in deep service to allow the women to do their inner soul work.

grandmaThere are so many gifts, intentions and outcomes from the dance on a personal or universal level. There is an alchemy in the whole process from working so closely together and with nature which re-establishes harmony and connection. Guided by what is shown in the Codex Borgia, the dance brings us into awareness with our nahaul, our spirit awareness that can work into the deep unconscious, the night. And this is part of the gift of being a woman. When we come to the Moon Dance, we profoundly express how we want to grow internally, and this requires this offering of the dance, and physical effort! The sweat lodge, the dance, the fasting, introspection, reverence and working with tabacco with the chanupa pipe are all tools to raise your vibration, transform consciousness and know your spirit.

It is all about bringing consciousness with incredible authencity, be that bringing healing to humanity or understanding your familiar patterns but you are deeply held by the sound of the drum, the songs that are sung, and the collective praying and dancing carry all the woman through the ritual into a new, revitalised empowerment. With the dance we get to know the power of the womb, and many female teachings are shared. We can also heal and honour our ancestry, and purge the vices that wrong education has left us, change our thinking and direct our thought. The whole process is a blossoming of reconnection and clarity, and transformation of consciousness in order
to leave a legacy of care-taking for the next generations.

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