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Victoria Mew has followed her love of nature and curiosity in indigenous cultures since she was 12 years old having been introduced to a wilderness family camp, sleeping out in a lean-to shelter with a fire for her first time. Throughout her teens she pursued this interest training with Trackways, Coyote Tracks and the Tracker School.

She developed her skills in nature and sensory awareness, primitive living skills and wilderness philosophy. She spent her gap year training with Wilderness Awareness School, WA, USA, building up experiences that would culminate in a week-long survival quest in the Cascade mountains; tracking coyotes until she caught up with them, learning what wild plants could be harvested for a meal, experimenting with different types of shelters and being mentored to bring these skills to children of all ages.

She gained a BScHons in Human Sciences at UCL, with her dissertation exploring: How does growing up separate from natural environments affect childhood development? She has since founded ‘Cultivating Curiosity’, an organization that brings works with people of all ages outdoors facilitating deep nature connection. She is also a qualified forest school L3 practitioner.

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