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Date: Thursday 24th September 2020
Time: 4pm - 5.30pm
Lead Facilitator: Juliet Robertson
Cost: £25
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Join Juliet Robertson for a second webinar that celebrates the magic of early years maths outdoors. In this webinar, we look deeper into the practice of developing your outdoor provision to create a solid mathematical foundation through a child centred approach. It involves considering our interactions and how we can encourage children to extend their mathematical thinking. There will also be some practical games and activities. 

The webinar looks at:

  • Outdoor play as a key, everyday approach to building mathematical confidence in children.
  • Practical ways to offer the context for exploring and developing maths concepts in children aged 3-6.
  • Practical games, tools and techniques you can immediately start using.

If possible, have with you 20 small stones, a couple of small twigs the size of your hand and a sense of fun.

Please note: It is not necessary to have attended the first Messy Maths webinar to attend this More Messy Maths webinar, all are welcome.


mud, mess, magic
Date: Thursday 8th October 2020
Time: 4pm - 5.30pm
Lead Facilitator: Juliet Robertson
Cost: £25. 
How to register: click here to register and pay online. Payment is via credit or debit card, however if you wish to pay by bacs or need an invoice please contact us and we can manually register you.

Develop your outdoor provision!
This webinar is aimed at early years and primary teachers.

There is now plenty of research that suggests that children need and enjoy playing in natural spaces. A well-planned and designed natural play space can provide experiences that:

  • Improve children’s physical development.
  • Enable children to think and play in creative and imaginative ways.
  • Promote positive physical risk taking within a framework of safety.
  • Help children learn more about the natural world and increases children’s knowledge about nature.
  • Provide a valuable context for developing life skills including literacy and numeracy.
  • Create a calmer outdoor space which is more restorative and enables children to better focus.

This webinar explores how Nicolson’s Theory of Loose Parts and Gibson’s Affordance Theory can be utilised to create simple changes to your outdoor space, through a participatory approach that involves your children throughout the process. In doing so, the biodiversity of your outdoor space will be improved and it becomes a better place not just for learning and play but for wildlife too. The emphasis is on sustainable low-cost and doable ideas that don’t involve digging up the asphalt. 

After the webinar you will get access to additional resources that help you develop your practice and keep track of what you need to do to develop your outdoor provision. This webinar is aimed at educators who work with children aged 3-11yrs.


About Juliet Robertson

Juliet is an educational consultant who specialises in outdoor learning and play. Previously, she was the head teacher of three schools ranging in size from 6 to 277 pupils. Juliet is based in Scotland and has worked at a national level since 2008 writing case studies, documents and doing behind the scenes work to help shape strategy and support for schools and early years establishments. This includes heading up the team that wrote the Education Scotland document, Outdoor Learning: A Practical Guide for Scottish Teachers and Practitioners(2011), co-authoring Loose Parts Play – A Toolkit (2016 & 2019) and being part of the Scottish Government strategy group that created A Play Strategy for Scotland (2013). Most recently, Juliet contributed to Out to Play (2018), a Scottish early years document supporting practitioners to develop off-site provision in local greenspace.

Juliet is in heavy demand world-wide for her practical training. She is the author of two award-winning and best-selling books: Dirty TeachingA Beginner’s Guide to Learning Outdoors (2014) and Messy Maths: An Outdoor, Playful Approach for Early Years (2017). Her website, Creative STAR Learning is a source of information and support with more than one million visitors in the past four years. Juliet continues to work directly with staff and children in many early learning settings in the North-East of Scotland exploring what excellent outdoor practice can and could be!


Previous webinars::


With Kate Macairt and Marina Robb.

Nature Play webinar 1
Nature Play webinar 2
Nature Play webinar 3

These webinars are part of a longer ‘live’ two day training in nature (September 24th & 25th 2020), specifically to help and support children who are struggling within a group.



With Marina Robb and Louise Hack.

Forest Kindergarten is based around child-centred learning through play in the Early Years. This free webinar will introduce you to core practice and understanding that underpins this approach.

Forest Kindergarten: Local Nature Play offers young children frequent visits and regular play opportunities in a local, natural setting all year round – this could be a woodland, park or even a beach!

It will introduce you to:

  • What Local Nature Play may look like.
  • Good Early Years practice inside or outside
  • People, Place and Pedagogy
  • The Value of Nature for learning and development
  • Examples of practice
  • New Training opportunities

Access the recording hereClick here for information about our 2 day Forest Kindergarten Training course in the Autumn.

Louise Hack is a qualified teacher, Forest School Practitioner and Early Years Professional with over 20 years of experience. Over the last 20 years she has worked in various primary and infant schools in East and West Sussex taking on many different roles including Early Years lead, Specialist Early Years and Literacy leader across the county, Deputy Head and Head of School. Louise has also been a visiting lecturer with the University of Reading and was an Early Years literacy consultant in Windsor and Maidenhead where she worked alongside many schools leading on a range of projects including finding ways to support practitioners with developing their outside areas and access to forest learning. Read more.

Marina Robb is founder and Managing Director of Circle of Life Rediscovery CIC, a leading outdoor learning organisation. She is Author of ‘Learning with Nature’, considered a must-have book for Forest School & Outdoor practitioners. Marina has been the recipient of funding from Natural England, Mind and The National Lottery, amongst other grant makers for her outdoor work with disadvantaged teenagers, families and young people. Read more.



Creating a literacy-rich outdoor space is essential if we want to embed a child-centred approach that acknowledges that children have a right to learn where it best suits their needs. For many children, they want to be outside and therefore they have an entitlement to this being a space that enables them to become emerging readers, writers, talkers and listeners. This webinar explores a diversity of ways of embedding literacy in an outdoor space, be this a concrete jungle or a wood. After the webinar you will get access to additional resources that help you develop your practice and keep track of what you need to do to develop your outdoor literacy provision. This webinar is aimed at educators who work with children aged 3-6yrs.


Date: Thursday 25th June 2020
Lead Facilitator: Juliet Robertson
Location: online
Cost: £25. Payment is via PayPal however we can also send an invoice or you can pay by BACS.
Time: 3pm - 4.30pm


With increased interest in the use of outdoor spaces for teaching and learning, maths is a great focus to develop your confidence at teaching outside. In this webinar, Juliet provides lots of practical advice, how to plan, issues to consider and ways to integrate the use of the outdoors into your ongoing maths programme, especially those that have adopted a mastery approach that values conceptual understanding.

It is particularly suitable for those who work in school grounds and but also relevant to those who use local woodlands and other greenspace. Participants will get access to a password protected blog post with lots of handouts developed from Juliet’s own work teaching outside. It is suitable for those who work with children in Y1 to Y6.

Date: Thursday 2nd July 2020
Lead Facilitator: Juliet Robertson
Cost: £25. Payment is via PayPal however we can also send an invoice or you can pay by BACS.
Time: 3pm - 4.30pm



Circle of Life Revisited Image
Circle of Life Revisited Image

"I found Juliet's Messy Maths great. It had lots of ideas to incorporate more meaningful maths into our setting. The resources available are fabulous, an excellent webinar."
Suzanne Fairhurst

"I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar, it was so inspiring. I have the book Messy Maths and Dirty Teaching! The session with Juliet was helpful in putting the words into meaning, it was inspiring, thinking about activities you could do with the children - using the resources available and making the best of the opportunities. It is definitely making me think about how you speak to the children, making sure you are listening to them when you are talking to them and taking their lead, their interests, now what you want it be lead to. The examples of the rainmacs in the hall- how much learning can come from the routines, before you have go to the ‘learning area’ and making fully use of this. I loved Juliet’s singing and I am someone who loves to sing, so has encouraged me to carry on doing this with my children and keep it is part of what we do. I have registered for the outdoor literacy course, as I am sure this will be encouraging too and will look forward to learning more. Thank you for organizing this and I look forward to learning more with you."
Sara-Jayne South, Abacus Primary School


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