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Our Youth nature-based experiences bring together a professional and experienced team, with an exciting mix of  woodland and nature awareness skills as well as group work, confidence building and conflict-resolution techniques.  

Please find below a selection of our projects.

All trainings support healthy relationships with others and the natural world and help build confidence and self-esteem. 

If you are able to support and fund bespoke or ongoing projects please contact us directly.  


Call of the Wild, funded by Natural England. This project worked with young carers from across Sussex offering immersions in nature over 6 days.

"This experience broadens their world giving them confidence in tackling new skills and going to new places . They begin to see the unknown as full of rewarding experiences instead of just strange and unapproachable. They also see they are capable of a lot more than they gave themselves credit for. " Care for Carers staff 


Woodland Skills Programme, part of Call of the Wild three year funded project.

The project was created to provide new learning opportunities and access to nature for young Travellers and Gypsies. This group are considered both a hard to reach group, disadvantaged and often isolated. The Circle of Life Rediscovery team welcomed the opportunity to work alongside such a proud and interesting group of young people. We were lucky enough to share learning between us, and understand thier own history and traditions.

All young people gained an OCN Woodland Skills accreditation and received the John Muir Conservation Award at different levels.


Youth Leadership Training, funded through  Ecominds. This was a partnership project with the Child and Mental Health Service and CLR.

"Usually you go and sit and meet a therapist who asks loads of questions.  This is different, it’s a nice environment, you meet other people, different people unlike CAMHS where it is always the same person.  I really like it, if there is another chance to do this, again i would just take it." Particpant

"This gives me hope that if others are going through what i am going through i'm not the only one.  For me this has given me a chance to face my challenges in a safe way." 


Youth Training Programme.  This funded programme included four residentials and camping aimed at disadvantaged young people aged 16 - 23 years old.

“ One of the few moments in my life when technology and civilisation became complete strangers to me.  To me it was a challenge to accept myself, my fears and weaknesses. It was when I realised that all you had to do was breathe in the green and nature would love you unconditionally and wrap it’s warmth around you.  

"It is when though alone in the dark forest you would feel more secure and safe than among thousands of people.  For once your mind can breathe."


Silkie Girls Gamp.  Circle of Life Rediscovery have secured funding from whereever possible to run camps for all backgrounds, beliefs and genders. 

Our camps for young women are unique.  They recognise the journey a young woman makes into adulthood, their wild and natural selves, and the need we all have to respect ourselves, and follow our intuition and discernment. 


"You don’t need makeup here, you can be yourself.”

" We used the woods but we paid back by planting some oak trees."


What If & We are What We Are Projects.   Funded by Eastbourne Youth Bank.  These projects were inspired and initiated by young people.  The combined wild days out, foraging and playing, wild camping, listening to eachother and working together. 

“In a school setting or being around a large group of people you feel like you have to fit in and are bothered by peer pressure, but out here you can be yourself and relax.”


“I am proud of myself and want to do it again.”

“I learnt I can run fast, build stuff and cook.”

For more information pleqse email:
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"My confidence has grown and my social skills also." Tessa 2014
"Its a great experience, I've learnt a lot about nature and myself too at the same time." Samuel 2014
"I learnt why the environment is so important, more than I previously thought, and why we should all look after it." Nicola 2014
"I learnt not to be so hard on myself." Eddie 2014
"I learnt that a badger does his business in the same place all the time!" Viki 2014
"I think nature is important because some animals live there and we are just chopping it all down and they are losing their homes." Louise 2014
"Here I feel included and part of something, that makes me feel better about myself." Donald 2014
"I learnt that you can have loads of fun with so many different people that you don’t necessarily know and then you get to know everyone quite quickly, it’s kind of surprising." Marcel 2014
"I learnt that I enjoy being outside, and getting to know people my own age." Tamar 2014
"There hasn’t really been one point where I’ve wanted to go home. Some people don’t want this to end and that includes me. I made such good friends here." Sandip 2014
"It’s been good, it’s been fun, and it’s been nice to be outside. And to meet new people and to forget about what you’re going through and just to be outside". Michael 2014
"I like making the spoons, playing in the clay, playing the games – that was all really good fun." Chris 2013
"You make natural things and it’s a really great place if you just want to forget about the outside world you zone out of it and zone into the woods." Emily 2013
"It’s kind of like a playground – there is so much to do and you don’t need a computer or mobile phone to enjoy it." Grace 2013
"I'm feeling really privileged to be a participant in this camp. I would say it really helped me overcome different kinds of challenges." Robert 2013
"Being here I learnt alot of things that will be really useful in life in general" Henry 2013
"I have really developed my skills in working with a team." Sally 2013

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